Your 5 Healthy Eating Habits For 2018

It might be a resolution for 2018 to eat healthier. So, we have gathered 5 easy habits for you to help stick with your resolution this year!

1. Don’t skip breakfast. Instead, prepare ahead of time and have it ready to go! Busy schedules get in the way of the most important mealtime, often leading to it being skipped altogether. Breakfast is what jump starts the metabolism! It is crucial for healthy eating. To accomplish this, fix it the night before, so it’s ready to go even with the busiest of schedules. You wouldn’t skip your coffee, so make this a priority as well. Boil an egg, mix a smoothie, prepare some oatmeal. All of these healthy options can keep until the morning, some may even travel well on the morning commute!

2. Bring your lunch. Yes, lunch breaks can be a time to decompress and socialize, which are very necessary, but during at least half of the week, consider bringing the healthy protein and veggies from home. As is the same with breakfast, this healthy eating habit is something that can be prepped the night before, or even for the week. Time saver for the win!

3. There are times you do go out for lunch or even dinner, so now what? Portion control! Restaurants can serve a very large amount of food for a meal, exceeding what should be a daily intake of calories. Especially when the caloric information isn’t listed, be mindful of your portion size. A good rule of thumb is a healthy meal is one that fits on a salad size plate, not a normal dinner size plate. Portion control can also be practiced at home. You will start noticing a lot of leftovers once you develop this habit, eventually saving you money!

4. If you haven’t already, it’s time to throw out and avoid packaged foods. Not only are these foods some of the most sodium-packed foods, there are other dangerous additives or chemicals that do not aid in healthy functioning of our bodies. The convenience might have been appealing at one time, but now is the time to avoid heavy processed foods and opt for the cleaner varieties.

5. Our favorite habit is make it all about color! Have you posted your pretty meal to Facebook or Instagram lately? If you are including fruits and veggies alongside your lean proteins, your healthy choices are making for some great photos. Healthier food is prettier! Compare that Chik-Fil-A sandwich and a salad with a range of greens, the deepest purple, and pops of red. You’ll never want unhealthy again!