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Freedom From Urinary Leakage with Viveve


Now Offering Viveve® for Women’s Health and Wellness

Deer Creek Family Healthcare and Wellness Clinic is pleased to introduce the only single session vaginal rejuvenation treatment for the common issue of vaginal laxity.

The Viveve Treatment For Vaginal Laxity

With our offering of Viveve Solutions, we are meeting the need of a widespread problem affecting most women - vaginal laxity. Just like collagen on our face loses structure and support with aging, vaginal collagen experiences similar changes over time resulting in a lack of tightness. This laxity can lead to a number of troubling conditions such as urinary leakage, a loss in sensation during intimate moments, and constant use of clothing protection for accidental leaks.

Now, we have an effective solution for women that are experiencing:

Stress urinary incontinence (leaking when you exercise, laugh, cough, or sneeze)

Urge incontinence (strong need to urinate, but have trouble getting to the bathroom in time)

Discomfort or pain during intercourse due to thin or dry vaginal tissue

Little to no sensation during intercourse

The Viveve® System is a dual-energy platform device.

It incorporates Cryogen-cooled Monopolar Radiofrequency technology (CMRF) to uniformly deliver volumetric heating while gently cooling surface tissue to generate neocollagenesis in a single in-office session.

Viveve’s endovaginal procedure is performed in 45 minutes and requires no anesthesia to maintain patient comfort.

Viveve system

Safe and Sound Technology

The Viveve treatment is a clinically proven and safe solution that promotes the rebuilding of the collagen cushioning inside of the vaginal opening. It uses deep yet gentle heating and concurrent surface cooling to stimulate the natural formation of collagen. These tiny pulses of patented cryogen-cooled, monopolar radiofrequency energy deliver an effective level of heat for the right amount of time to reinvigorate the loose or lax tissue.

What to Expect During and After a Viveve Treatment

Viveve is a comfortable and discreet 45-minute treatment not requiring anesthesia or downtime. Viveve patients are able to return to normal activities right away due to surface tissue not being affected. After a single Viveve treatment, the vaginal tissue begins to restore as collagen rebuilds thereby improving laxity. Some patients report noticeable results within the first 30 days post treatment, however results will continue to improve the 90 days post treatment while new collagen fully develops.

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If you are one of the millions of women tired of dealing with laxity due to aging, childbirth, and other natural causes, we invite you to talk with us about the benefits of the Viveve treatment.

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