Nurse Practitioner

What is a nurse practitioner?

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has completed advanced education and training in diagnosis and management of acute and chronic disease management. The minimum degree held by a nurse practitioner is a Master’s degree. Nurse practitioners also focus on health promotion and disease prevention. Nurse practitioners can provide a broad range of health care services and provide similar care provided by other health care providers and physicians. Nurse practitioners maintain close relationships with all members of the health care team to ensure quality care.

A family nurse practitioner can see patients of all ages with a focus on prevention, wellness and education resulting in cost-effective care. Including a person in their healthcare can mean fewer prescriptions, less expensive treatments and better outcomes. In addition to providing high quality health care nurse practitioners are not only are seen in clinical practice but in conducting research studies, education, and patient advocacy activities. Most insurance providers cover nurse practitioner services.

Some roles you may see a nurse practitioner perform include:

Collaborating with other health care providers including physicians, specialist, therapist, and counselors

Assessing, diagnosing and treating acute and chronic health problems

Ordering and interpreting lab and test results

Prescribing medications

Recommending therapies such as physical, occupational and speech therapy

Providing Well Child Checks, anticipatory guidance, screenings and immunizations

Providing health maintenance and screening for adults

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