The Top 3 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Lifting weights isn’t just for athletes and bodybuilders. And men are not the only ones who benefit from weight training. Women also need weight lifting to enhance physical health.

Weight Loss

For decades, cardio or aerobic activity was promoted as exercise for weight loss. While this type of exercise, does in fact, help to lose weight, lifting weights can help even more. Numerous studies have shown that lifting weights actually burns more calories than cardio exercise.

Besides the extra calories that are burned, the muscle that is being built, helps to eliminate fat. This also happens when the body is resting. Once muscle is built, or functioning to its full potential, it does its work even while the body is resting.

On top of burning more calories and eliminating fat, lifting weights can transform a body’s appearance much faster than cardio. Shedding pounds with cardio will be noticed with clothes not being as tight, but weight training will actually shape a body.

Strength For Everyday Life

The benefits for weight training don’t stop at weight loss.

Another benefit is overall strength for everyday activities. As we age, certain areas of the body aren’t used as much and need that strength for everyday functioning. Weight training, when focused, can strengthen the back and core. A stronger back and core ease other exercise, as an added benefit.

Risk Reduction

It is also important to keep that strength for our future selves. When not practiced, muscle deterioration can lead to problems with balance.

Joints are also strengthened with the use of weights. Adding strength exercises to a routine can lengthen a body’s timeline, putting off joint issues.

And muscles not only protect our bones, they help to strengthen them by building bone density. So, lifting weights to strengthen muscles can and will aid in avoiding osteoporosis.

Many women have not considered using weights in their routine for fear of transforming their body into a bulkier version. Lighter weights can be used safely to avoid large muscles, while enjoying the benefits of weight training. Implement them today!