The Not So Obvious Reasons For Weight Gain

You’ve watched your calories and work out several times a week but you are unfortunately gaining weight despite your efforts. We know our own bodies. We know when the extra pounds will show due to the excessive splurging and little activity. But even with a strict routine, weight is increasing on the scale. What is causing it?

Your thyroid is located in the front and at the base of the neck. This endocrine gland mainly influences metabolic rate and protein synthesis. When the gland is underactive then hypothyroidism can occur. Symptoms of this disorder can include depression, tiredness, and constipation. Also, weight gain is a result from hypothyroidism. Sometimes symptoms aren’t noticeable, but if concerned, levels can be checked. Hypothyroidism occurs in more women than men, and increases with people aged over 60. The solution to this disorder is regulating the gland’s functioning again with synthetic medication that boosts thyroid stimulation. Tests of levels are then taken periodically to make any adjustments, if needed, with dosage.

Hormone Imbalance
Hormones are the tiny communicators in the body. Puberty is often thought about with hormones but that’s not their only purpose. Their function is to bind with receptors that signal off instructions with the systems in our bodies. This also includes digestion and metabolism. Metabolism is actually two different processes, catabolism which is the breaking down of organic matter to release energy, and anabolism, the building up of cells to consume energy. If there is any disruption in relaying the important message, metabolism and effective digestion may be caused to change. Hormone levels can be checked to see if there is a need for regulation.

In order to fix certain conditions, medication is necessary. Prescription drugs can come with unwanted side effects, however. Weight gain might be caused by changes in your system, due to the medicine. When this is noticed, with no changes in diet, a discussion with your provider can help. It may take time for the body to adapt to the medication, so it is important to keep a journal of your food intake and physical activity during this time, listing any side effects also. In some cases, there might be an alternativedrug that produces a more positive reaction with your body.

When weight loss is a goal, any of these happening, can be frustrating. But each of these circumstances can be evaluated by us and then treated.