Technology Can Be Good For Your Health

You have surely read or heard the negative points about technology and health. But have you thought about where we are now and what we have access to? Technology has not only advanced good health with equipment and procedures, but is now being utilized daily by us to better our health.

Social Media

Many studies have been done linking depression to social media. We do not want to downplay this, but we also want to recognize social media is bringing together people more easily.

Perhaps you are caring for an aging parent or have experienced a loss in the family. Maybe you have a condition and you know no one personally that is experiencing the same. A quick search will reveal many groups available with similar needs. These groups are quick outlets to share ideas and gain support. Even the struggle of addiction or weight loss can be helped with social media groups.


As the saying goes, ‘there is an app for that.’ This includes endless health apps. There are apps to help with healthy eating and recipes, apps that provide workouts, and even apps that remind us to drink water.

Some apps may need to be added but some are already included with our phones, such as Health with the iPhone. This app is a basic app that can help to track your intake of food and exercise. This app can also help you in the time of an emergency with the medical ID feature. List any important information and it will assist providers with your care.

The latest iPhone update is also tracking screen time with an option of regulating that time. This helps us to evaluate if we are on our devices too long. As weird as it sounds, it’s technology to help us with technology.


Technology is also improving the provider/patient relationship. Providers are more accessible with technology. Social media is a way to provide useful tips and to be more interactive.

Waiting time and appointment scheduling are also being improved with technology. Some hospitals will update their waiting time via their site or on their platforms. And your yearly checkup can be easily scheduled with a few inputs on your phone, fitting with our busy schedules.

As long as you use responsibly, technology can be helpful with your health. We are more aware of our health now than ever with more information. This awareness has led us to pursue better health. And technology, thankfully, is making it easier in many ways.