Spring Health Concerns

Allergies are synonymous with Spring. However, allergies aren’t the only health concern during this season. From chronic pain to Lyme Disease, here are health conditions that arise during Spring…


Warmer weather is around the corner, but the transition period will present humidity, precipitation, cooler nights and mornings. These conditions can affect parts or systems of the body.

The humidity can make the head feel stuffy, increasing sinus pressure when leaving the air-conditioned indoors. Along with sinus issues, people who suffer from chronic headaches may see more headaches during this time. Warm compresses will help both, but also try a nasal flush with saline solution to remedy the sinuses.

Cooler, damp days also affect arthritis, with joints having more pain. In addition, consistent back or knee pain will be increased because of the weather. Epsom salt baths are helpful with all. Pain can also be reduced with alternating heat and cold packs. Adjusting your diet to help with inflammation is suggested, so is adding Vitamin D and Calcium.


Since there is more activity outside than during the winter months, other health problems present themselves.

As mentioned, allergies are affected during this time of year because of the pollen in the air. It’s best to be proactive with allergy season and begin treatment at least two weeks before it starts. Also, adding an air purifier to the home is helpful. These same conditions make asthma worse also. Please consult with your health care provider to be prepared for any asthma flareups that may occur during this time.

In Oklahoma, caution must be taken to decrease exposure for tick bites. Spring through Summer is the active time. Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are just two of the illnesses stemming from ticks. Protective clothing and DEET spray will help, but avoiding heavily wooded areas is best. Always inspect body after being outdoors and never assume a bite was a harmless one, scheduling an appointment quickly.

Included with warmer weather, is more physical activity. Injuries from scrapes and bruises, to strains and breaks will be more prevalent.

Spring Forward

The days are starting to have more daylight. This is when clocks are adjusted forward one hour. This time change can cause a few problems, however. Mainly, while the body adjusts to the change, sleep is affected. This lack of sleep can be the catalyst for other heath risks. These are some, but not limited to, ulcers, high blood pressure, and even heart attack.

This change in time and season also can affect mood. Depression is increased during the Spring season. Along with that, contrary to most beliefs, suicide happens more during Spring, rather than during the holidays. Extra time with family and friends is a good idea for all.

Spring is a wonderful season that brings warmer weather and more activity. Be mindful of these health concerns so Spring can be fully enjoyed.