Men Need Prevention Too

Women’s health has been at the forefront for decades, improving prevention, but men face health issues also. Women, on average, are living 5 years longer than men. Is male prevention of screening and exams being dismissed? It is just as important for men to know their risks for disease and commit to self exams and provider screenings. Here is a guideline to keep in mind for optimal health.

Self Exams

It is suggested women give themselves self exams for better breast health. This is also suggested for men. While the chances for male breast cancer are significantly lower, occasional self exams are advised.

Another self examination is for the testes. Testicular cancer, although rare, is the most common cancer for males, ages 15-34.

Also, skin should be regularly examined to watch for any changes. This requires mirrors or partner to examine. Remember to follow the A,B,C,D,E guide for any spots. This guide is to check for possible skin cancer. A-asymmetry, half of the ‘mole’ does not match the other. B-border, look for a jagged border. C-color, the color could be mixed with shades of brown, black, white, pink, red or blue. D-diameter, the size is 5mm across. E-evolving, there are changes in shape, size, or color.

It is important to know these self examinations are not a substitute for provider examinations and testing, they are only a possible early detection.


Both men and women should do an annual checkup with their provider. Not only is this a perfect time to discuss any concerns with your provider, it is the time to record your different ranges, numbers, or levels.

Checkups consist of checking weight, pulse, blood pressure, and a blood pull if desired to measure your cholesterol and other levels.

The goal is to stay in the healthy range for all of these. Especially with blood pressure, a change night not be noticed until a checkup with your provider. Approximately 28% of men have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. But with heart disease being the number 1 killer of both men and women, many men are going undiagnosed. There sometimes no signs, so ab annual checkup is necessary to stay aware of your numbers.


On top of regular self exams and checkups with providers, certain screenings need to be done.

If there is a history in the family of conditions or disease, regular screenings will start early and be continued for prevention.

Also, if you are overweight, additional screenings may be needed. These should include testing for Diabetes. And even if weight is in the healthy range, as we age, the chances increase, so a test should be done regularly after the age of 45.

Another age to keep in mind is age 50. At that time, it is advised that there is screening for colorectal and prostate cancer.

Please keep these in mind and we are here to discuss all healthy prevention.