Is It A Plateau?

People work to see results. With weight loss and fitness, people like to see progress. There are times, however, when that progress stops. Some of the time, this stall is what is referred to as a ‘plateau.’ Other times, this could be a goal that has been reached. With both exercise and weight loss, there are ways to know if you have reached a goal or a plateau.

Weight Loss

It is frustrating to lose weight consistently, only for it to suddenly stop. It might be you have reached your ideal weight or you perhaps have plateaued. When the number has stopped decreasing, try the following…

1. Adjust What You Consume

You have set an ideal and safe caloric amount, but it is no longer working. It’s not the time to take in less calories. You can easily figure out you have reached a plateau if you adjust your routine. Perhaps, you have too much salt intake or not enough water consumption. You may even need to increase your lean protein. It is important that you now start journaling your consumption and adjust it to see change. If there are no changes, you have reached an ideal weight!

2. Change It Up

Exercise is important in achieving weight loss. When weight loss has stopped, it is time to change your routine. You could be a runner, so it might now be the time to start weight training. The idea is to trick your body. It is known, doing the same thing over and over will achieve the same results. Interval training or maybe even having fun playing a sport, will work on other areas that weren’t being used in your routine. You don’t have to get rid of your favorite routine, just change it up from time to time.


Whether you’re a runner or body builder, safety is paramount in achieving goals. This should be considered when results are not being seen. A person could add 5 lbs. weight to squats each month, but eventually the human body will not be able to do any more. Perhaps you are working towards a marathon, adding miles periodically will help you reach your goal. You can also work to increase your time. But, with any exercise, listening to your body is crucial. If your body is strained by serious injury, it is time to evaluate your program and goals. Setting goals is always a good idea, but realizing you have reached them, is even better!