Focused Exercise For Every Age

Exercise aids in good health, lengthens life span, and increases quality of life. In every stage of aging, exercise can be done to achieve those results. This exercise guide, that is focused for each stage, will maximize those results.


In our twenties, metabolism is high and we are more physically active, so exercise might be considered unnecessary. But, this is the perfect time to create habits for the future and also to build a strong foundation.

First, lifting weights and doing resistance exercises 3 times a week will build strength. This strength is important to counteract the bone and muscle loss in the future. Next, cardio should also be added to a regimen, with the goal of 3-5 hours, weekly.


Our thirties is the ideal time to implement different exercises into the routine. If you have been a runner, introducing other types of cardio such as swimming or aerobics will work areas you haven’t worked on in the past.

An overall physically healthy approach should be the goal with adding flexibility and balance exercises at this stage. Not only will these help with performance, but they also help to maintain range of motion. Yoga and even dancing are great options.


The forties can be a more difficult stage to find the time to exercise. Most importantly, now is not the time to stop lifting weights. Muscle loss is in the beginning stages and a good program will help the core, leg, arm, and back muscles, fighting that loss.

Also important is fat that may accumulate in areas unseen. As we age, hormone levels decrease and fat is redistributed. This fat can build around organs and not be noticed on the scale. Lean muscle will combat this unhealthy fat.

Stretching should also be an increased focus at this stage, continuing into later stages.


Our fifties bring about the time we need to start listening to our bodies. Aches and pains tell us to rest certain areas. Shoulders may need a break after a tennis match, making for a perfect opportunity to walk instead. But it is still important to do 30 minutes of aerobic activity 5 times a week during this age.

Besides stretching, aerobic exercise and lighter weight lifting, now is the time to incorporate more yoga or pilates for strong posture.


With decades of healthy exercise, the sixties stage is a time to maintain.

While weight lifting in our routine has decreased, it should not cease. Two to three times a week is suggested for using weights, alternating upper and lower body regions.

Because bones become more frail, caution should be taken with all activity, being mindful of falls and fractures. But this is a great chance to join group classes and have fun with exercise. Zumba and water aerobics are great examples.


We must focus on sustaining our strength, flexibility, and balance in our seventies.

At this stage, workouts are much safer and effective guided by a certified trainer.

Balance can be worked on with the help of a chair. Resistance bands can be used for strength.

Walking is also good at this time, along with water exercise. These both are terrific for heart health but easier on joints.

Susceptibility for injury is higher at this age, so never over extend and give your body a chance to rest between workouts.