3 Creative Ways To Help You Reach Your Daily Step Goal

There are some days where getting in your daily steps is more than challenging. Routine tasks for the day and working in an office can make your step goal seem unattainable. Try these tips to make reaching that goal easier!

Try A Challenge

Competition can be good when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Consider purchasing a few pedometers for family members or friends. With a few people tracking steps, challenges can be set daily to achieve step goals. Nothing motivates like a little friendly competition. With the recording of the steps there is also an added benefit of accountability. Accountability has proven to be a successful practice with weight loss.

Split It Up

Unfortunately, not every lifestyle consists of regular activity. This is what is good about a pedometer because it is a reminder of the need for activity. We have all read 10,000 steps a day is a goal. This is a good number but don’t forget to adjust for your weight and loss goals. Such a high number of steps can be frustrating when there is little time to walk. Try splitting up the large number into smaller goals and watch the steps add up quickly. Don’t get discouraged with such a hefty number, but rather set alarms for smaller increments each hour. This splitting up of steps will also help maintain your metabolism.

Change Your Routine

Changing up daily chores and tasks can help to reach your step goal. At home, goals can be helped by ADDING steps that you wouldn’t normally do. For example, while watching television, make it a habit to get up and walk during commercial breaks. With a few hours of television, the extra time will add up. Also, when on the phone, walk and talk! Keeping active is the goal and you will soon be surprised how normal these changes will become.

Another change can be to park further away. Whether it is an errand, for fun, or for work, extra steps will increase quickly with this change. Because of our busy lives, we have made everything easier, taking away the extra exercise.

The biggest challenge, perhaps though, is working in an office. Parking further away will help, but what to do once in the building? If there are stairs, opt for those instead of an elevator. And consider using a restroom on another floor. Try walking each hour and during lunch.

Every bit helps and after a week, you will see a huge improvement in your numbers!