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4 months ago

A mosquito has tested positive in Oklahoma County. Please remember...

They are more active during dawn/dusk

They are attracted to standing water, such as leftover from yesterday’s rain

Deet and ... See more

4 months ago

Kate Spade was 55...

Suicide isn’t limited by age.

Kate Spade was a woman...

Suicide isn’t limited by gender.

Kate Spade was a mother and wealthy entrepreneur...

Suicide isn’t limited by ... See more

4 months ago

Today is #NationalSmileDay! Did you know? Smiling can improve mood and boost your immune system. Smiling can also reduce stress.

So, what makes you smile??? Your kids? Your pet? Pizza? The movie ... See more

4 months ago

It’s that time of year where we enjoy the water. RWIs happen when people come in contact with contaminated water. Cases are already happening. Symptoms of a RWI include, but are not limited to, ... See more

4 months ago

Don’t hesitate to come see us if you have any concerns. Early treatment is key!

TICK TRICKS: As things green up outside, ticks are already becoming a problem. The Oklahoma City-County Health Department is now alerting citizens to an uptick in tick bites as well as cases of Rocky ... See more

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